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Dear All greetings from EPS, As decided by the general assembly during its 17th annual conference, I am very pleased that the 18th annual conference of the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society is going to be conducted in the beautiful city of Hawassa in collaboration with our chapter office in Hawasa University at the end of February 2017. The venue and the dates will be announced soon, meanwhile please be informed that we will have a two day pre congress workshops and CMEs on the following three thematic areas. 1. Newborn Resuscitation ( Helping Babies Breathe training ) 2. Non Communicable Diseases in children (Allergic diseases ,Cancer, Cardiovascular disease and Nutrition & NCD) 3. Adolescent health We will conduct these workshops in parallel and thus participants need to register for one of these workshops prior to the date. We also would like to invite researchers to submit their abstracts for oral presentation during the conference. For further inquiries please contact as at and +251-0114667346 Bests wishes, Bogale Worku , MD Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health Executive Director of the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society Mobile 251 911 202423 E mail: ,Web address :

In collaboration with FMOH and WHO several trainings on ETAT has been conducted and training at larger scale is under preparation where the chapter offices of EPS will be the sites for the training.

As part of its major endeavors, EPS is committed to establish newborn corner in all Functional Health Centers in the country in collaboration with UNICEF , FMOH and regional health bureaus. To this effect EPS conducted training on newborn care in most of the regions except in Tigray, Dire Dewa Harare and Somali . More than 1400 health workers were enrolled in this training and more than 90 % of them were midwives working in the delivery rooms of the health centers . basic life saving equipment like , resuscitation bags, and masks , suction bulb , newborn registration books and HBB action plan poster were distributed along with the training . Health centers from the remaining sites( Tigray , Dire Dewa , Harari and Somali) will soon be enrolled ..

The Ethiopian pediatrics society has commenced supportive supervision for the 800 health centers which were enrolled in the training of the Newborn care to establish newborn corner. So far six teams from the SNNPR 7 teams from Oromiya and six teams from Amhara at total of 19 teams consisting of two supportive supervisors each are in the field for the activity . The supportive supervisors will be staying in the field for a period of three weeks and are expected to cover at least 75% of the health facilities.

Training on newborn care has been started to be conducted since December 9/2012. There will be about 53 rounds of training in all regions including Addis Ababa, Adama, Deberebirhan , Jimma , Hawasa, Bahirdar and Gondar. The Mekelle chapter office will commence the training in a short while.


Prof. Tilahun , the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society President on the Ethiopian FM 98.1 radio talks about Child Nutrition on Embut Program

   Embut Part 1

Prof Bogale Worku, The Executive director of the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society on FM 98.1 talks on newborn issue in the Embut Radio Program

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Message from President

We live in a world of great inequity of access to health services to children in many developing countries with visible descriptions of high morbidity and mortality. The very few numbers of skilled human capacity, with very limited resources and staggering and slow economic development with increasing human population had made the situation of basic health care to children unreachable and unattainable.

But, despite the prevailing situations, many governments including Ethiopia have agreed on the actions and targets contained in the Millennium Declaration in September 2000 to respond to the world main development challenges. Of these Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), MDG4 targets to reduce child mortality by two-thirds by 2015 are clearly set to be measured.

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